Trail box pro mod. 59

Sizes / Mesures
Contained / Contient
Material / Matériau
Packing / Units
Emballage / Unités
159008500 x 410 x 770 mm
19,68 x 16,14 x 30,31 in
1 Case 430/50/25 / Organizer / Coffrett
1 Case 430/80/13 / Organizer / Coffrett
1 Case 430/80/0 / Organizer / Coffrett
1 Suitcase 44B / Bag / Mallette
1 Maleta Cajon / Drawer sultcase / Mallette tiroir
Drawers and transparent lid-PS
Drawers and transparent cover-PS
Transparent Shots and covers-PS

Bullet points:

  • 25 organiser drawers for storing tools of different sizes
  • Strong and durable design with high quality materials
  • It has a lock for added security and protection of the tools
  • Includes wheels for easy transport and mobility
  • 70 litre capacity


The Trail Box Professional is the perfect tool box for demanding professionals looking for a sturdy and durable storage solution for their tools. With 25 organiser drawers of different sizes, this box offers a large storage capacity for all types of tools, from small parts to larger and bulkier tools.

The design is tough and durable, with high quality materials to ensure a long service life. It also features a lock for added security and tool protection, making it an ideal choice for those who need to transport their tools from one place to another.

It also includes wheels for easy transport and mobility, making it ideal for use in workshops, construction sites and other work environments.

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