Our facilities

Our facilities

Industrias Tayg covers an area of more than 17,000 sq. m in Beniparrell (Valencia), 15,000 sq. m of which are dedicated to production and office space, and the remainder is used for loading and unloading of raw material.

Polypropylene is the main material, stored in bunkers, and then carried to each of the company’s 22 injection machines through vacuum tubes. This automated process ensures almost zero handling of raw materials and that they arrive in excellent condition for processing.

Design and Quality

Tayg produces its own moulds, which is one of the keys to its product quality.

The company currently has over 200 carefully designed and internally produced moulds. Producing each and every mould of all products in the Tayg catalogue gives us a great competitive advantage to quickly introduce improvements or new functionality, one of the key reasons why Industrias Tayg is the current market leader.

Expansion Project

Industrias Tayg was founded in 1964 and was mainly dedicated to mould manufacturing.

The company went a step further in 1970, by purchasing three injection machines, started gaining access to the plastic industry by developing high design and top quality products, thanks to the innovative technology used in the production process.

Human resources have continued to develop and become more specialised in parallel to company growth, to meet high quality production and workmanship standards, thanks to the ongoing development and learning process that the company adheres to.

Industrias Tayg currently works with the largest chains, cooperatives and distributors of the hardware and DIY sector, on a national and international level. Part of its business is also linked to Spanish small businesses, an important sector that the organisation holds high regard.

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