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La utilización de este sitio web, así como de cualquiera de sus servicios implica la lectura, comprensión y aceptación del presente aviso legal por parte del usuario. En cumplimiento con lo establecido en la Ley 34/2002 de 11 de Julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y el Comercio Electrónico (LSSICE), se informa de los siguientes aspectos legales:

Responsable del sitio web:

Avda. Real de Madrid norte, 70
46469 Beniparrell (Valencia)
España – Spain
Datos fiscales: B46054508
Company registration:
Inscrita en el registro Mercantil de Valencia, Tomo 108, Libro de sociedades sección 4ª Limitada, folio 70 Hoja 2778 Inscripción 1

These legal conditions regulate the authorised legal use of this website, owned by INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U.. These general conditions regulate the access and use offered by the website owner to Internet users. Accessing it implies unreserved acceptance. Users are understood to be those who access, browse, use or take part in services or activities on the website. By simply using the website, as well as requesting information or making an order, users imply full acceptance of these conditions.

Use of this website
These legal conditions regulate the authorised legal use of this website, owned by INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U.. These general conditions regulate the access and use offered by the website owner to Internet users. Accessing it implies unreserved acceptance. Users are understood to be those who access, browse, use or take part in services or activities on the website. By simply using the website, as well as requesting information or making an order, users imply full acceptance of these conditions.

Del mismo modo, el usuario se obliga a usarlos de forma diligente, correcta y lícita y no contrarios al contenido del presente Aviso Legal. En particular, se compromete a abstenerse de suprimir, eludir o manipular el “copyright” y demás datos identificativos de los derechos de sus titulares incorporados a los contenidos, así como los dispositivos técnicos de protección, o cualesquiera mecanismos de información que pudieren contener.

Actions which are adverse to third party rights or interests are expressly forbidden, or those which could in some way harm, disable or disrupt the website or its services, or prevent others from using it.

Users agree to refrain from hindering other users’ access to the massive consumption of IT resources that INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U provide this service, as well as actions that damage, interrupt or generate errors in the systems or services.

Users agree to refrain from introducing programmes, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other kind of logic or sequential device of characters that may cause or are liable to cause any kind of alteration in the INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U or third-party IT systems.

User agrees to refrain from obtaining information, messages, graphics, diagrams, sound or image files, photographs, recordings, software, and generally, any class of material accessible via the website or the services offered within it.

By accessing or using the website, the user accepts this legal notice published by INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U at the time of access, and which will always be available for users to consult.

The user pledges to make appropriate use of the content and services provided by INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U on their website (such as, for example, comments, forums or pages open to readers), and not use them for activities that are illegal or contrary to good faith or legal order; circulate racist, xenophobic, pornographic or pro-terrorism content or propaganda that constitutes an attack on human rights.

Web access and passwords
Some of the services and content offered by INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U could require that the service is contracted beforehand by way of a monetary payment, as outlined in the General Terms and Conditions of Business, in which case they will be clearly outlined.

Users are not required to register in order to access or browse this website and personal data is therefore not collected, except as specified in the cookie policy or where the user provides data through a contact form or other form on this website. In such cases, data will be handled and stored according to the conditions outlined in the cookie or privacy policy, as appropriate.

Children are forbidden to contract products and services via this website, and should duly obtain prior consent from their parents, tutors or legal guardians, who will then be considered responsible for the actions carried out by the children in their care.

Changes to conditions of the Legal Notice
INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. expressly reserves the right to change this Legal Notice. The user understands and accepts that it is their responsibility to check the website and this Legal Notice.

Limitations on warranties and liability
INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. se compromete a realizar sus mejores esfuerzos para evitar cualquier error en los contenidos que pudieran aparecer en la Web. En cualquier caso, INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. estará exenta de cualquier responsabilidad derivada de eventuales errores en los contenidos que pudieran aparecer en la Web, siempre que no le sean imputables. INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. no garantiza que la Web y el servidor estén libres de virus y no se hace responsable de los posibles daños o perjuicios que se puedan derivar de interferencias, omisiones, interrupciones, virus informáticos, averías telefónicas o desconexiones en el funcionamiento operativo de este sistema electrónico, motivado por causas ajenas a INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U., de retrasos o bloqueos en el uso de este sistema electrónico causados por deficiencias de líneas telefónicas o sobrecargas en el sistema de Internet o en otros sistemas electrónicos, así como también de daños que puedan ser causados por terceras personas mediante intromisiones ilegítimas fuera del control INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U.

Intellectual and industrial property
All commercial names, brands or distinctive symbols contained in this company webpage belong to its owners and are protected by law.

Todos los derechos de Propiedad Industrial e Intelectual de la Web y de sus contenidos (textos, imágenes, sonidos, audio, vídeo, diseños, creatividades, software) pertenecen, como autor de obra colectiva o como cesionaria, a INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. o, en su caso, a terceras personas.

It is expressly forbidden to reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate, including making available either part or all of this website's content, for commercial purposes, in any format or by any technical means, without the authorisation of INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. The user agrees to respect the industrial and intellectual property rights belonging to INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U and third parties.

A los efectos de lo previsto en el artículo 32.1 del Texto Refundido de la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual, INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. se opone expresamente a la utilización de cualesquiera contenidos de sitio Web con la finalidad de realizar reseñas en otros medios telemáticos o en formato papel con fines comerciales sin contar con la previa autorización de INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U.

The user can view, print, copy and store all elements in their computer hard drive or another physical format as long as this is solely and exclusively for personal and private use, meaning that its commercial use, distribution, as well as modification, alteration or depopulation is categorically forbidden.

INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. provides access to all kinds of information, services, programmes or Internet data that may belong to third parties. Under these circumstances, INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U does not accept responsibility for the said content nor any complaints that could arise due to their quality, reliability, accuracy or correctness.

Responsibility for links
Should the website offer links or hyperlinks to other Internet websites, INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U has no control whatsoever over these websites and contents. Under no circumstances will INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. accept responsibility for content pertaining to a third-party website, nor will it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, coverage, veracity, validity and constitutionality of any material or information contained in hyperlinks or other places on the Internet.

Estos enlaces se proporcionan únicamente para informar al Usuario sobre la existencia de otras fuentes de información sobre un tema concreto, y la inclusión de un enlace no implica la aprobación de la página web enlazada por parte de INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U.

Protection of personal data
INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. takes all of the technical and organisational measures necessary to guarantee the protection of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, handling and/or unauthorised access, in view of the state-of-the-art, the nature of the stored data and potential risks it is exposed to, all in compliance with the stipulations of Spanish Data Protection Laws.

El usuario podrá remitir a INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. sus datos de carácter personal a través de los distintos formularios que a tal efecto aparecen en la Web. Dichos formularios incorporan un texto legal en materia de protección de datos personales con el objetivo de facilitar información básica al respecto del tratamiento de los datos personales.

Rogamos lea atentamente los textos legales antes de facilitar sus datos de carácter personal y si quiere obtener más información al respecto el enlace a la Privacy Policy

Exclusion of liability
INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. does not accept responsibility for losses or damages suffered by the user or visitor as a result of service interruption, and neither does it accept responsibility for problems resulting from a lack of interaction between users or visitors in such situations.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction
Todas las cuestiones que se susciten entre INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U. y el usuario relativas a la interpretación, cumplimiento y validez del presente Aviso Legal se regirán por sus propias cláusulas y, en lo que en ellas no estuviere previsto, de acuerdo con la legislación española, sometiéndose expresamente las partes a la jurisdicción de los Juzgados y Tribunales del domicilio de INDUSTRIAS TAYG S.L.U.