Modular stacking system pro metal locking system with trolley


Bullet points:

  • Stackable modular design with polypropylene (PP) bases in sizes M, L and XL, with black lacquered metal fasteners.
  • Each box includes movable PP dividers in black, PP tray and a case with transparent PP lid.
  • Anti-opening security handle
  • Millimetric cover
  • Incorporates trolley for greater versatility.
  • Reinforced hooks for assembly with other enclosures


The Tayg Industries modular stacking system pro with metal trolley closure is a versatile and robust solution for tool storage. Its modular design allows stacking polypropylene (PP) boxes in sizes M, L and XL, with black lacquered metal closures, offering flexibility in space organisation. In addition, it includes dividers, trays, and cases made of PP in different sizes, providing ample storage capacity and organisation.

The system also incorporates a trolley, making it easy to transport and ideal for dynamic working environments. With a 2-year warranty, this modular stacking system is a reliable and durable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With its combination of high quality materials and functional design, the Tayg Industries modular stacking system ensures safe and organised storage for a wide range of tools and accessories.

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