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Levelling thread. Reusable.
Easy and very simple to use, designed to save costs and time.
Perfect and clean breakage, without the use of wedges

The levelling thread is an innovative system to ensure perfect alignment and levelling of tiles during installation. Designed to facilitate a flawless and fast finish, this tool is ideal for both floors and walls, especially for large format tiles and those with rectified edges.

Its operation is simple but effective: after spreading the mortar and laying the tile, the bases are placed under the four sides of the tile, adjusting them with the thread without reaching the breaking point of the base, avoiding the use of wedges. Subsequently, the tile is lightly tapped with a rubber mallet and adjusted with the thread to achieve a perfect alignment between the pieces.

Manufactured with Polypropylene Copolymer, this thread ensures the levelling of the tiles, keeping them fixed during the setting of the mortar. Its versatility allows it to adapt to tiles of different heights, from 3 mm to 14 mm.

After following these steps and waiting for the setting time recommended by the mortar manufacturer, tap the base with a rubber mallet or with the toe of the foot, always in the direction of the joint, thus ensuring a high quality and uniform final result in the installation of the tiles.

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