Crossheads 1-15mm

Sizes / Mesures
You bag
Units bag / Unités sac
You box
Units pack / Unités pack
Pallet boxes
Pack pallet
9100051 mm - 3/64" - 1 mm - 3/6450030.00030
9100121,5 mm - 1/16”50030.00030
9100292 mm - 5/64”50030.00020
9100363 mm - 1/8”50030.00020
9100505 mm - 13/64" - 5 mm - 13/6430013.50020
9100677 mm - 9/32”3006.00020
91007410 mm - 13/32”1003.00020
91008115 mm - 19/32”1001.20042
The cross-shaped spacers play an essential role in the installation of tiles, ensuring a precise and uniform spacing between tiles. Their use is highlighted by several key advantages:

  • Economic efficiency: These crossarms are a low-cost solution that allows for economical tile installation, reducing costs without compromising quality.
  • Quick and easy: Its simple design makes it easy to use, which speeds up the installation process considerably, saving time and resources.
  • Uniform joints: The cross joints ensure even spacing between the tiles, resulting in an aesthetic and professional appearance. This is essential for achieving a flawless finish on construction projects.

In short, tile spacers are essential allies in tile installation, allowing precise, economical and fast installation, with visually attractive results and efficient management of resources.

  • Large formats
  • High resistance

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