Tilt drawers

Drawers / Tiroirs
Sizes / Mesures
Packing / Units
Emballage / Unités
3330643600 x 196 x 241mm4
3340614600 x 168 x 206mm6
3350685600 x 133 x 165mm6
3360656600 x 92 x 114mm12
3390669600 x 63 x 81mm12

Bullet points:

  • Grey PS frame and 5 transparent PS drawers
  • 1 year warranty


Tayg Industries tilt-up containers with drawers are a versatile and durable product that offers efficient storage solutions. With a grey PS frame and transparent PS drawers, this container provides optimal storage capacity. The drawers have specific measurements, with longer and shorter zones, allowing you to organise and sort various items. In addition, the volume of the drawers makes them ideal for storing a wide variety of items. They come with a 1-year guarantee, giving users peace of mind as to their durability and quality. They are stackable, allowing you to build a module according to your needs. These tipping containers are a reliable choice for domestic, commercial and industrial environments, offering an efficient and high quality storage solution.

*Does not contain screws

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