80L waste container with pedal

433023400 x 575 x 785 mm80 LPP3
433030400 x 575 x 785 mm80 LPP3
433009400 x 575 x 785 mm80 LPP3
433016400 x 575 x 785 mm80 LPP3
  • Ample storage capacity: With a capacity of 80 litres, this container provides generous space for waste management, materials or tools, reducing the need for constant emptying.
  • Quick and easy access: The hinged lid allows easy access to the contents without having to remove the lid completely. A foot pedal to open the lid makes it even easier to operate.
  • Convenient design: The one-colour lid makes it easy to identify and sort the contents.
  • Strength and durability: PP is a strong and durable material that ensures the container can withstand constant use and maintain its integrity over time.
  • Easy cleaning: The PP material can be easily cleaned, ensuring that the container remains clean and free of unpleasant odours.

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