Modular Box "XL" metal clasp


Bullet points:

  • Assembly versatility: It can be effortlessly connected to the M and L boxes of the modular system by means of reinforced side hooks, allowing for a customised and expandable configuration.
  • Optimised internal organisation: Includes three removable dividers that allow for flexible space distribution, facilitating the organisation and protection of contents.
  • Additional accessories: Equipped with a tray and a case with transparent lid, offering additional storage options and a clear view of the contents.
  • Precise locking: The millimetre-marked lid ensures precise and secure locking, protecting the stored items from moisture and dust.
  • Robust and secure design: It has an anti-opening security handle to prevent unwanted access and is designed to support up to 30 kg internal weight and up to 120 kg external structure.


The Modular System "XL" Box with metal lock is a versatile storage solution offering a capacity of approximately 40L. Measuring 590x345x404mm, this container is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene, underlining its commitment to environmental sustainability. It features an ingenious design that allows it to be assembled with other boxes in the system, providing an expandable and adaptable option for various organisation and storage needs. Features such as removable internal dividers, a millimetered lid and strength in both load capacity and security make this box a reliable and functional option for storing different types of objects.

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