Modular Box "L" metal locking


Bullet points:

  • Compact adaptability: The "L" Box of the modular system with metal locking system provides a compact space of 590x345x324mm, ideal for various storage and organisational needs.
  • Secure metal lock: Its metal lock design ensures reliable protection for stored contents, guaranteeing their safety in a variety of environments.
  • Large capacity: Offers an approximate capacity of 30 litres, allowing for efficient organisation of a variety of miscellaneous items.
  • Commitment to sustainability: Manufactured with materials that show a commitment to environmental sustainability, reaffirming responsibility in their manufacture.
  • Safety and resistance: With a robust lid and a design that supports up to 30 kg of internal weight and 120 kg in its external structure, with an anti-opening safety handle, it guarantees optimum protection.


The Modular System "L" Box with metal lock is a versatile storage solution. With dimensions of 590x345x324mm and a capacity of approximately 30 litres, it offers ample space for efficient organisation of different objects. Manufactured from sustainable materials, this box demonstrates a commitment to the environment. Its metal locking design ensures secure protection for stored contents, while its sturdy lid and structure can withstand internal weights of up to 30kg and external weights of up to 120kg, making it a reliable choice for a variety of storage and security needs.

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