Quality, Environment and Innovation Policy

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Future needs eco

At Tayg, at the forefront of innovation, we have adapted our manufacturing processes for DIY and hardware items to 21st century production with materials that take global recycling regulations into account.

We have done this through the manufacture of products that allow for the rational use of waste materials and, in turn, rapid recycling.

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Environmental Policy

True to this commitment to sustainability and the environment, we also use recycled materials - so much so that we have our own plant to recycle raw materials - use energy efficiently, treat waste and control atmospheric emissions.

Quality and environment policy

Tayg Industries defines its Quality and Environmental Policy as the set of environmental and quality guidelines, goals and objectives of the organisation, and provides the framework for their establishment and review.

Tayg has achieved a high brand value in the national and international market through innovative part design, modern and sustainable manufacturing, fast and flexible delivery time, competitive pricing and high product and after-sales service guarantees.

The Management is aware of the importance of developing its activity by controlling the repercussion it has on the environment and on customer satisfaction and expectations, through compliance with the customer's own requirements, legal and regulatory requirements and the requirements of the quality and environmental management systems, established by the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

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Fundamental objectives

Absolute national leadership.
Internationalisation of the Tayg range and growth in exports.

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Continuous improvement of the organisation

  • Continuous improvement of manufacturing processes: acquiring the technology capable of providing the required quality and listening to the opinions of the operators at their work stations.
  • Continuous product improvement: designing products that are safe and meet customer needs.
  • Expansion of the range of our products, valid for a standard market, but also for a market with a higher technical level and higher demands: we achieve this by means of an efficient and trained technical department.
  • Continuous improvement of deliveries to our customers: the aim is to ensure that what reaches the customer is in perfect condition and on time.
  • Measures aimed at selecting suppliers, assessing their production capacity: the raw materials and components we buy from suppliers must enter the factory with the required quality.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of our activities: waste management, improved waste segregation, waste management and optimisation of water and energy consumption.
  • Continuously motivate the people who form part of our organisation: awareness-raising, information and training.
  • Identification of resources, both human and technological, to ensure continuous improvement.

Our Values

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Management commitment to share expectations with all staff.

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Commitment of management and all staff to comply with all applicable requirements.

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Good work and quality is understood, implemented and updated at all levels of the company; every employee is responsible for quality in his or her area of work.

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Proud of working at Tayg and of the recognition achieved.

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The relationship with our clients is always cordial and responsible.

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We follow a model of continuous improvement of our processes, convinced that this is the ideal formula for the development of a correct quality and environmental management.

Environmental Certificates