Tidying up a workshop can significantly improve efficiency and productivity. Here are some of the elements you will need to organise your workshop:

Shelves and cabinets: Use shelves and cabinets to store and organise your tools and supplies. You can opt for open shelving for quick access.

Storage boxes and containers: Use boxes and containers to group and organise similar tools and accessories. Label each container to quickly identify its contents and make it easy to find.

Screw and small parts storage system: Use screw organisers, drawers with compartments or plastic boxes with adjustable dividers to store and sort screws, nuts, nails and other small parts.

Adequate lighting: Make sure you have good lighting in your workshop to perform precise tasks and avoid accidents. Incorporate LED lamps or spotlights to adequately illuminate the workspace.

Remember that every workshop is unique and organisational needs may vary. Adapting these elements to your specific needs will help you create a tidy and functional working environment.