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Tayg is at the cutting edge of innovation, and we have adapted our DIY and hardware product manufacturing processes to the 21st century, with materials that prioritise international recycling regulations. We have implemented this by manufacturing products that enable the rational use of waste materials, as well as fast recycling.

Environmental Policy

In addition, in keeping with this sustainability and environmental commitment, we also use recycled materials - so much so, that we have our own raw material recycling plant - we make efficient use of energy, carry out waste treatment and control our atmospheric emissions.

Industrias Tayg S.L.UQuality and environment policy

Industrias Tayg defines its quality and environmental policy as collection of directives, goals and environmental objectives and qualities of the organisation, and provides a framework for its establishment and review.

Tayg has achieved a high brand value on both national and international markets through innovative design, modern and sustainable production, fast and flexible delivery, as well as a superior product guarantee and after-sales service.

The management is aware of the importance of controlling the impact of its activities on the environment, and on client satisfaction and expectations, through the fulfilment of the client requests, compliance with legal requirements regulations and requirements of quality and environmental management systems established by ISO 9001 and 14001 regulations.

Fundamental objectives
Outright national market leader
Internationalisation of the Tayg range and a growth in exportation.

Continuous organisational improvement

Continuous improvement in manufacturing processes: acquire the technology capable of providing quality required and listening to employees in the workplace.

– Continuous product improvement: ensuring safe product design that comply with our clients’ needs.

– Broaden our product range so that it serves the general market needs, but that is also serves more technical and discerning market needs: we achieve this through an efficient and skilled technical department.

– Continually improve clients deliveries: we aim to deliver goods in perfect condition and on time.

– Supplier selection criteria, assessing their production capacity: the raw materials and components that we buy from suppliers should arrive at our factory with the required quality.

- Reduce the impact our activity may have on the environment: waste management, improve waste separation, manage effluents and optimise water and energy consumption.

Permanently motivate the organisation’s team members: awareness, information and training.

– Identification of resources, whether human or technological, to ensure continuous improvement.

Our values

– Management commitment to take staff expectations into account.

– The commitment of all management and staff to fulfil all applicable requirements.

– Quality and good work is understood, applied and kept up-to-date at all levels of our company, each employee or collaborator is responsible for the quality within his/her own work area.

- Proud to work at Tayg and for the recognition achieved.

- Always maintain cordial and responsible relationships with our clients.

- Always maintain cordial and responsible relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors.

– We adopt a policy of continual improvement for our processes, with the conviction that this is the perfect formula for developing sound quality and environmental management.

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